Top 5 escort categories on AdultSearch – Find your perfect hookup 

Find out what makes AdultSearch best and safest adult site for hookups and escort ordering. Pros and cons of adultsearch girls vs affiliate sex aggregators 

Among many affiliate and analogue sites, AdultSearch differs in a good way. It shows quality in first place and provides a wide range of choices, from tantric massage to a full time companionship. 

AdultSearch Catalog

adultsearch women

Too frank or vulgar words are forbidden there, and all categories are called in a decent way. The member base is the best structured comparing to other escort sites, all is intuitively understood. 

Adultsearch Miami

Local hookups in Miami can be challenging, with a big competition among the tourists visiting. AdultSearch escorts become the best solution, offering both elite and low-price services

  • Female Escort. This most popular kind of service differs from the prostitution which is a taboo. Sexy girls may accompany men without sex, but their top beauty is a must. 
  • Strip dance. During the lockdown, it turned a norm to order home strip dance instead of going out. AdultSearch chicks are great in that and it’s indicated on their pages. 
  • TS/TV Shemale. As a popular spot, Miami is very progressive and teaches to respect the difference between Travesti and Transsexuals. Both types are on AdultSearch. 
  • Massage Parlors. It should be called like that, to keep decent. But in fact, it often happens to be a local escort agency with several attractive girls at your choice. 
  • Sex shops. It’s a name for legal institutions so it often covers BDSM escort studios with various sex toys and other niche kinky clubs. Miami communities are stylish. 
AdultSearch Miami
Sunny Miami

Although modern singles and couples may have a even wider choice of pleasures and personal preferences, these basic ones are to start from, and there’s all present on AdultSearch. 

Adultsearch dc

Why would Washington, DC be the leading destination on AdultSearch? Because in this big and solid city, all possible categories and genres of hookups are equally in a high demand. 

Ethnicity, AdultSearch DC

Middle Eastern 301%
Hookup In DC
Dating in Washington DC

Since DC is diverse in ethnicities, they all can be found on AdultSearch. There’s no racial issue as the girls identify by themselves while registering or posting their ads, so, all is fair and clear. 

Services, AdultSearch DC

TER Reviewed 60123%
Tantra massage39812%
Featured 45714%

TER Reviewed basically means checked escorts high rated by other clients. It’s a kind of guarantee and a good recommendation for ordering on AdultSearch being sure about success. 

To newcomers, do not expect some kind of esoteric or spiritual effect from the Tantra massage section. It means the hookup may start from erotic massage, yes, but it’ll be quick and symbolical. 

Adultsearch Atlanta

Atlanta in Georgia is one of the epicentres of affordable nightlife with all modern tendencies presented. Models on AdultSearch are often co-working at those top nightclubs and inviting their followers. 

“My choice in Atlanta is Gold Room club”, Marissa from Atlanta says. “It’s futuristic and cool. I work there as escorts from time to time, but the club itself is costly so I should charge higher as well. 

I am telling my clients it’s much cheaper to have me on AdultSearch and there will be no fee from the nightclub owners. So I make this great site for hookups my main private workplace”. 

Date singles in Atlanta
Atlanta Singles

“I used to hang out at MJQ Concourse”, Jeffery from Atlanta says. “Was pickuping hot chicks there for ages, but sometimes you just want to skip all the process and have sex quick. 

Luckily, one of the girls told me she’s usually on AdultSearch and so her ladyfriends are. No problems since then, when I’m not in the mood to go out, I order from home and get laid in counted minutes”. 

Adultsearch Baltimore

Baltimore in Maryland is one of the most open-minded spots, contemporary and progressive. Here are a few top popular categories one can seek on AdultSearch for a better enjoyment. 

  • Baltimore escorts. This general section reveals hundreds of opportunities to get laid tonights. Some girls charge little something and others are local thots for free sex
  • Baltimore Body Rubs. These intriguing erotic services are about happy ending after the massage. Make sure to ask in advance how much it costs to be fully rubbed. 
  • Bwi Asian. An interesting sub-category unites horny Asians in Baltimore area. They may also identify themselves as Brown Eyes, Tiny, C Cup, since it’s their looks. 
  • Baltimore Erotic Massage. If you enjoy being massaged, ask not to forget performing it on you prior or after sex. AdultSearch girls know they’re mostly paid for hookup. 
  • Threesomes in Baltimore. Apparently, the area is a bit conservative for this type of escorts since they’re barely on AdultSearch. But some are up to meet any time. 
  • Bwi Sugar Babies. Although this platform is mostly for professionals, many thots are seeking stable sponsors and sugar daddies. It means regular hookups with models

Adultsearch Queens 

It has no point to be in Queens without enjoying the hot escort girls there. On AdultSearch, many indicate their real-life place of work or partying to make sure they’ll never be alone on Friday night. 

“Elevate Sky Loung Queens NYC – Best Carribean Lounge is a place to be at”, Mary Ann, 28 says. “Guys there love MILFs, the public is decent, and I’m getting tipped every now and then. 

It’s good to have AdultSearch where new ppl are met easily for sex and kinky stuff. When clubs are closed or there are any restrictions, I am just ordered online and it’s super convenient”. 

Queens City Dating
Two Singles in Queens

“For continuous hookups, I combine AdultSearch with Sugardaddy’s Gentlemen’s Club”, Jason, 32 confesses. “I am happy I still can call myself one, despite all challenges of 2021/2022. 

Many have lost their businesses, but I have several ones on the Internet that are automatized. So, all pole dancers and go-go escorts are mine when I want. AdultSearch provides a decent quality”. 

Is Adultsearch com legit 

After epic fails of Backpage and partially Listcrawler, many wonder whether AdultSearch is legit at all. The simple answer is yes, 95 percent of its personals are real and provide successful hookups

While rating it and its legitimacy, users may have different motives. For instance, someone cannot afford top escorts or isn’t attractive enough for AdultSearch models, so, they would put a lower grade. 

Poor 12%

When criticizing AdultSearch in any way, men still cannot deny most girls there are real. They provide direct phone contacts, ready to meet right away, and their sex services are fair. 

Is adultsearch com safe 

Safety is one of main parameters of adult site estimation. While hookuping online, people want a certain anonymity, not wasting extra money, and a basic level of trust. 

  • The Adultery site. Many reviewers find AdultSearch perfect for cheating. It’s not a full fledged relationship, moreover, even couples are welcomed to have some fun. 
  • Quick Escort order. No one likes to wait nowadays, be it just a pizza or some hot sex. AdultSearch makes sure you sign up quick, start looking quick, and order instantly. 
  • Simple girls. Experts know, the girls next door are also a factor of trustworthy. The escort site shouldn’t be too glamorous to rock, simple chicks are much more real. 
  • Strong Privacy terms. AdultSearch team made sure to compose the modern and professional Terms list, and to follow it from their side. Safety is provided technically. 
  • Pay for the real thing. On sites like AdultSearch, escorts pay for their ads. Since they invest, they’re interested to serve. You pay when you meet a girl, before or after sex. 

How to search on AdultSearch

Nothing is easier than using AdultSearch. You enter the site, scroll down or open one of the sections that interest you, and you see a bunch of opportunities. Searching by city makes sense. 

All state capitals and big towns are presented on AdultSearch, even if those are less than a dozen personals up to meet. But searching by a particular kink or fetish is also convenient. 

“I tend to find new AdultSearch escorts in the Verified section”, Roger from DC shares. “I realize many of them don’t want to reveal any personal info, but I need to be sure they’re real. 

Otherwise, when I’m especially horny, I order smth exotic and spicy. For instance, from the sections East Indian, Auburn hair, or TER Reviewed. Many of them perform kinks and tricks”. 

How to search in AdultSearch
Searching for a partner

“There are search options all over on AdultSearch”, Jane from Phoenix says. “We as a couple personally prefer to use upper ones, they look like the bright buttons. They give a wider choice. 

Shemale Escorts, M4M Escorts, Strip clubs, these are just a few out of many. We order this or that depending on our current mood, and never get disappointed. I too find this search system comfy”. 

Pros and cons of adultsearch

Newcomers wonder, whether AdultSearch is worthy of joining in general. Like other adult sites, it carries some risks but also brings numerous benefits. Experts are comparing them. 


  • Profiles are hacked. Don’t worry though, it happens much more rarely than on Listcrawler, and mostly top porn models’ acounts are vulnerable not men’s. 
  • Bank card at risk. The system won’t charge you extra, normally. But if you plan any pre-payments online, better have a special card for that with a low credit balance. 
  • Girls’ don’ts. Simply because girls sell sex, doesn’t mean they’d do anything. They indicate their dos and don’ts in the ad. Read it carefully before you set up a meeting. 


  • Low price. Very expensive porn stars prefer to work on other platforms. This one is more for local thots and amateur models who are surviving on the pocket tips. 
  • Good support. Most adult sites cannot provide any customer support and seem to work in an automatic way. While AdultSearch team is ready to consult and help 24/7.
  • Strong location feature. Not all similar hookup aggregators ensure a precise geolocation, there can be mistakes. But not on AdultSearch that is pretty exact. 
What is gfe on adultsearch

It is noticed the service called girlfriend experience is less frequently ordered on AdultSearch than on affiliate sites. Partially, because it’s a purely Asian and Latina thing while they’re in minority there. 

But it’s often roleplayed online by webcam girls for virtual sex. It feels more natural to have a happy ending with someone who acts like your stable partner in a distanced relationship. 

GFE Performers 

New York City5834
Los Angeles 4169
Houston 2818
Phoenix 931
Philadelphia 893
San Antonio722
San Diego 95

Are there bbw on adultsearch

Experts say, the big and beautiful women category is gradually remaining in the past instead of placing the top popular charts. It is still a part of PornHub though, BBW chat rooms and also present on AdultSearch. 

Look a bbw in AdultSearch
Single bbw look for a partner

It may still be a favorite among AA girls lovers and Latina chicks admirers. They look organic when very curvy, and it brings them extra points when they choose the niche kinks. 

“Since ages, I order BBW escorts only”, David from LA says. “It helps me make some difference to skinny models crowding Los Angeles, and I miss fatty Brasilian chicks here. 

AdultSearch isn’t a site number one to meet big women, but there are some in my area. Moreover, they charge a bit less. So I catch the opportunity to have some meaty hookup every Friday”.